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Computer stuff

Plan Calculator

I made this web app for my job with Target Mobile. It allows you to put in some specifications about what you want (lines, data, carriers, etc.), and it will show a list of plans that fit those criteria, along with the plans' price breakdowns and features.

I am the webmaster for a student group called Yelling for History at the University of Minnesota.

Academic papers

Probability and Semantic Models in News Summarization

Final paper for LING 5801 - Introduction to Computational Linguistics

The Great Schism of 1054: Past, Present, and Future

Midterm paper for HIST 3767 - Eastern Orthodoxy: History and Culture

An Examination of Popular Defenses of the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis

Final paper for LING 5900 - Cognitive Underpinnings of the Language Faculty (Topics in Linguistics)

Optimality Theory and Problematic Onsets in English Reduplication

Final paper for LING 4303 - Phonology II